About Us

about boydellgalleries - About UsI am Reece Dean, I am a surfacing equipment operator and also the founder of The Boydell Galleries. In this digital magazine and together with my team, we talk about art in all its expressions because we are all art lovers and have a bit of artist inside each one of us.

There are a couple of people in the team that have art galleries and are very experienced with such events. The rest of us are so passionate that we have gained a lot of knowledge along the way.

We want our magazine to remain a powerful platform to share knowledge about arts and artists, helping others be aware of all the activities available in the world of creativity. Everybody in the team looks forward to reaching out to new artists and art-related entrepreneurs to provide valuable advice and even review them in one of our articles.

Our readers trust us to be unbiased as possible, as there are so many different tastes among us that we can provide reviews that are accurate and at the same time heart-felt. We understand art is a lot about feelings and this is why we care about your opinions and suggestions to fuel our desire to keep the magazine going.

The magazine reaches broader and broader audiences with each article we upload, as we keep trying to stay in touch with what and how you want to read when you visit us. We thank you all for the encouragement in thousands of emails and letters that we have received.