Top Creative Blogs

Top Creative Blogs - Top Creative Blogs

There are quite a few artistic blogs out there that are kept by art enthusiasts and professionals alike. These blogs are sure to fuel your creativity and get you in the mood to start creating something.


If you are looking for a place that has advice on how to get your artistic career going, what trends to keep in mind while you work, and many other topics, this is a good blog for you. They have numerous posts regarding professional art and even Canva’s Design School where they upload tutorials and courses to learn about different art-related topics.


For those of us that love discovering new artists that are independent or a bit underground, this blog offers a wonderful platform for them to share their work. You will mostly see artistic imagery such as illustrations or photographs, sometimes accompanied by a bit of background on the artists themselves.


A blog dedicated to inspiring you and other artists within the fields of illustration, interactive art, photography, and a few more. Their posts are reviews of other artists, interviews, exhibitions, and some books. Additionally, there are some posts that offer a slide show of the reviewed artists’ work portfolio.


Art doesn’t need to be limited to a genre or follow any specific trends and this blog embraces those ideas posting contemporary artwork that is off the beaten track. You will find wonderful works in the form of drawings, sculptures, paintings and so much more. Hi-Fructose is the perfect blog to visit for those wanting to think outside the box.


In this blog, you find a seamless blend of exhibitions, art, and culture dealt with topics such as graffiti, street art, audiovisual projects, photography, among others. Juxtapoz is a platform where an artist’s work is exposed to the world once it is scheduled to be shown at an exhibition.